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National Science Foundation IGERT training program sends young scientists to learn neutron scattering at ORNL

Flora Meilleur

Flora Meilleur, Course Organizer

Graduate student Annette Bodenheimer and Dr. Meilleur participated in an Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) workshop in neutron scattering conducted at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Spallation Neutron Source, February 25 through March 1. The workshop educated graduate students in the benefits of neutron scattering in (1) biological macromolecules and biomaterials, (2) the structure and dynamics of strongly correlated electronic materials, and (3) the design of artificial nanoscale materials.

IGERT is the NSF’s flagship interdisciplinary training program for PhD scientists and engineers from the United States. Since 1998, the program has made 215 awards to more than 100 universities in 41 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico and has provided funding for nearly 5,000 graduate students. Dr. Meilleur is a co-PI on an IGERT project led by Professor Haskell Taub, a Professor of Physics at the University of Missouri, Columbia, entitled “Neutron Scattering for the Science and Engineering of the 21st Century.”

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