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Setting priorities as a new faculty


Clay Clark

Clay Clark - @biochemprof

So, in the past year (or two) you’ve been through several interviews for faculty positions; you’ve finally been offered a tenure-track position; you’ve been given (or at least promised) a nice start-up package; and you’re ready to start your new job as a junior faculty at Research U.

You’ve now been at your new job for three months, and you’re still unpacking boxes. You spend a lot of your time trying to convince graduate students to take a chance on you and join a new lab. You’re ordering equipment, dealing with vendors, secretaries, and administrators. And, you still think that you have time to do experiments. Based on the stories you’re telling yourself about lack of production in those three months and the extrapolations you’re making into the future, and realizing that you have only 5-7 years before you come up for tenure, your life is now very stressful.

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